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Mar 09, 2017

"Stegmann" Solo exhibition at Haus der Modernen Kunst (Staufen/GER)

"David Stegmann" Opening reception Friday March 10th at 7pm. Opening Speech Franz Armin Morat Exhibition: 10.03.2017 - 30.04.2017
Mar 28, 2016

New painting - Abstract Landscapes

This new painting will be displayed in the upcoming group exhibition "Who Will Stop The Rain" at Galerie Domeisen in Baden (CH).
Mar 24, 2016

"Who Will Stop The Rain" Group Exhibition (Baden/CH)

"Who Will Stop The Rain", Group Exihibition Galerie Gabriela Domeisen, Streetart.Limited (Baden/ CH) Opening reception: 2nd April, 2016 Exhibition: April 2 - April 31, 2016
Nov 17, 2015

" Die Kunst ist Spitze" Group Exhibition (Stuttgart/ GER)

Facts: Preview Dillmann Kunstmarkt 2015 Friday, 20. November, 6:00pm – 10:00pm Exhibition: Saturday 21. November 2015, 2:00pm - 9:00pm Sunday 22. November 2015, 2:00 – 9:00pm
Aug 14, 2015

"Hallenkunst XXL" Group Exhibition

The opening of the show takes place on Friday August 14th at 8pm at Lemmerzwerke, Halle 3, Am Kissel, Königswinter!
Jun 15, 2015

New glass painting - Ursprung I

Ursprung I, this painting is part of my current solo exhibition "You Know We Know" at Strzelski Galerie.
Apr 29, 2015

"You Know We Know" Solo Exhibition @ Galerie Strzelski (Stuttgart/GER)

"You Know We Know", Solo Exihibition @ Galerie Strzelski (Stuttgart/ GER)
Apr 16, 2015

Varietas - Group exhibition (Bad Zurzach/ CH)

For the first time, under the show name “Varietas,” Galerie Mauritiushof presents a group exhibition which allows complex insight into the urban art scene. The term “Varietas” comes from Latin and means versatility, variety, and diversity. The name says it all.
Feb 26, 2015

"NATURE STRIKES BACK" - Solo Show - Galerie HUGO45 (Braunschweig/GER)

NATURE STRIKES BACK Solo Show, Galerie HUGO45 (Braunschweig/GER). Opening reception: February 28, 2015 Exhibition: February 28 - March 28, 2015
Feb 07, 2015

"Group exhibition - urban art333 (Waedenswil/ CH)"

urban art333 In der neuen Ausstellung der art333 stellen wir Künstler vor, die sich der Urban Art verschrieben haben. Die Städte, in denen sie leben und die sie besuchen, dienen ihnen als Inspiration, Spielwiese - sogar als Atelier. Diese kunst wiederum inspiriert den Beobachter und verändert unsere Wahrnehmung der modernen Städte.
Jan 21, 2015

"ON THE RUN" Group Exhibition @ Galerie HUGO45 (Braunschweig/GER)

"ON THE RUN" Group Exhibition @ Galerie HUGO45 (Braunschweig/GER).
Oct 27, 2014

"Station to Station" - Solo exhibition at Pretty Portal Gallery (Dusesseldorf/GER)

From 31st of October to 28th of November 2014 Pretty Portal shows works of Swiss-German artist David Stegmann aka dust (* 1982, Freiburg). In the exhibition "STATION TO STATION" David Stegmann presents new works on glass and pieces on canvas and paper. Opening reception is on 31st of October 2014 at 7pm.
Oct 24, 2014

"Blooom Art Fair (Cologne/ GER)"

Some of my paintings on display at Blooom Art Fair in Cologne (GER) by Pretty Portal gallery. Visit the gallery at their booth.
Sep 18, 2014


This weekend, my work will be represented at the CONTURBANARIES ART FAIR 2014 by Pretty Portal Gallery. They will also show works from amazing artists including: BTOY, CHAZME, David Monllor, DECYCLE, ETNIK, FinDAC, Guy Denning, Jana&JS, PENER, Orticanoodles, Pixelpancho.
Jul 18, 2014

Solo exhibition "The Journey" @ Gallery Hugo 45 (Braunschweig/ GER)

Solo exhibition "The Journey" at gallery Hugo45 (Braunschweig/ GER). I'm showing new paintings on glass, paper and wood, and a release of two new art prints. Openning reception: 26 July at 19pm
Jun 04, 2014

"Concrete Jungle" Duo exhibition @ Galerie Merkle (Stuttgart/ GER)

Die galerie merkle zeigt vom 7. Juni bis 26. Juli 2014 "CONCRETE JUNGLE" mit PATRICIA SANDONIS und DAVID STEGMANN. Vernissage: Freitag, den 6. Juni 2014 um 19 Uhr. Einführung: Dr. Andrea Domesle, Basel.
Feb 23, 2014

“Urban Playground” – Exhibition @Urban Art Gallery (Stuttgart / GER)

Group Exhibition & Gallery opening @ URBAN ART GALLERY, Stuttgart, "URBAN PLAYGROUND", opening reception, Saturday, May 1, 2014, 19 p.m.
Oct 20, 2013

“Dreissig x Dreissig No. 2″ – Group Exhibition @Galerie Merkle (Stuttgart / GER)

For more informations please visit:
May 12, 2013

Solo Exhibition “Organic 45″ @ Galerie Hugo 45 (Braunschweig/ GER)

Dust meets Gallery Hugo 45. New paintings, drawings and sculptures will be shown on 120 square meters. Also a new video will be presented, showing the making-of a mural I will paint in advance to the exhibition. Opening Reception: Saturday, May 18th, 2013

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