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May 21, 2015

KADAVAR - release final »Abra Kadavar« video for ‚Eye Of The Storm' feat. contemporary artist dust!

Berlin, Germany-based classic rock overlords KADAVAR have shot a video with contemporary artist dust in Bern, Switzerland for their song ‚Eye Of The Storm'. The song comes off the band's most recent album »Abra Kadavar« and marks the end of the 2 year cycle promoting the album by relentless touring across the globe.
Mar 16, 2015

Wohnzimmer Welten mural inside Gallery Hugo45 (Braunschweig / GER)

The "Wohnzimmer Welten" indoor mural at gallery Hugo 45 is finished..
Jan 08, 2015

Teaser "Hope" mural (Braunschwei/GER)

Teaser of our "Hope" colabo mural in Braunschweig. I painted this wall together with my good old friend Mark Gmehling The whole wall is 6m×30m.
Jan 08, 2015

New Koerperwesen mural (Braunschweig/ GER)

Final picture of the "Koerperwesen" mural I painted in Braunschweig (GER) in a abandoned factory..
Nov 10, 2014

New mural @ Pretty Portal gallery (Düsseldorf/ GER)

Teaser of my latest mural "Baum der Stille" I painted for my solo exhibition Station to Station at PrettyPortal gallery. Thanks again to Klaus Rosskothen for the great time.
Oct 08, 2014

"New mural - Turm zu Basel"

"Turm zu Basel" Spraypaint on concrete. 2 x 25m (Basel / CH)
Sep 16, 2014

"New Mini Mural called Mini Turm"

"Mini Turm", mini mural at the ancient castle hill, Staufen (GER).
Jul 31, 2014

New mural "Turm der Vergaenglichkeit"

"Turm der Vergaenglichkeit" Spraypaint on brick wall and wood. 3 x 6m (Braunschweig /GER)
Jun 10, 2014

Work in progress - Turm des Wissens (Stuttgart / GER)

Here is a work in progress picture of the "Turm des Wissens" mural (Stuttgart / GER).
May 26, 2014

Witness the Fitness

"Witness the Fitness" Spraypaint on concrete 2.50mx25m (Grunern/GER) For more prictures please check the link.Spraypaint on concrete 2.50mx25m
May 23, 2014

Work in progress - Witness the Fitness

A work in progress picture of a new mural.. Witness the Fitness!
May 22, 2014

Wohnzimmer Blick

I recently finished a new mural called "Wohnzimmer Blick". "Wohnzimmer Blick" Spraypaint on concrete 3m x 32m For more picture of the mural please visit the gallery.
May 07, 2014

Work in progress - Wohnzimmer Blick

Finally the good weather is back! Work in progress pic of a new mural called "Wohnzimmer Blick".
Apr 10, 2014

"Koerperwesen - Sonnenkult"

New Koerpwersesen paintings inside a physiotherapy practice in Staufen (GER).
Nov 25, 2013

“Memory” Mural Berlin

I painted this mural in memory of my beloved grandfather who past away last week. He was a very important person in my life. May he rest in peace.
Aug 28, 2013

“Dark Velvet” – The Backyard Mural

Final pictures of the backyard mural… “Dark Velvet”, spraypaint on concrete.
Aug 27, 2013

The Backyard Mural – making-of

Sunny weather... painting in a nice backyard. What a perfect day!
Jul 29, 2013

Drachenpferd – New Mural @ the castle hill Staufen

“Drachenpferd”, mixed media on concrete, 2m x 12m.
Jun 27, 2013

Backyard Mural – “Koerperwesen Mural” @ Galerie Hugo 45 (Braunschweig / GER)

“Koerperwesen”, mixed media on brick wall, 3m x 15m.
Jun 24, 2013

New mural “Koerperwesen – Planetenspiel”

“Koerperwesen – Planetenspiel”, mixed media on concrete, 2m x 4m.

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