David Stegmann is a Swiss-German contemporary artist. Stegmann's early work was heavily influenced by the street and urban art scene, adopting the moniker ‘dust’ in the year 2000.

In his work, Stegmann deals with what he describes as a new understanding of life and existence of man on Earth. They are impulsive, fascinating images that are consistently developed throughout his oeuvre. His more abstract works seem like random creations, expressive compositions reminiscent of natural phenomena. Stegmann's works have a spectacular presence which forces the viewer to pause and reflect on the scenes before him.

David Stegmann paints on canvas, wood, paper, and glass; creates sculptures and designer toys; and paints murals in public spaces. His new works with glass are witnesses of his irrepressible pioneering spirit and the consistent progression of his visual and design vocabulary.
Text Laura Wurster

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